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Index SoI 2

Cover art:

“Imagination” by Mauricio Raffin.

Mauricio is a frustrated, 21 year old, programmer from Corrientes, Argentina, who decided to go design, self thought, a bit lazy, but with many wishes to become great. His online gallery can be seen here:


“Clover’s Story” by T.J. McIntyre

There was once a man born in a teacup. He was bred by sugar cubes and Earl Grey, made less acidic by a nice drop of cream, and he emerged covered in the reek of bergamont orange. He was a small child (as one might imagine a child from a teacup would be) and misunderstood by his peers. It didn’t help that his peers usually looked right over him and past him, because he wandered closer to the ground than they… read on…

“Pecking Order” by Tammy Hanna

The day of my 14th birthday, Mom opened her mouth to yell at me for eating cake before dinner and I saw birds in her gullet. I couldn’t tell if they were alive or dead. Their eyes were closed and they were coated with saliva but I thought I saw a twitch, a beat on one tiny red breast. The next day, Mom was a pigeon. A big one. read on…

“Handmade” by T. Fox Dunham

“I could have our man mix us a pitcher of screwdrivers.”

“I’m not all that thirsty,” Thayer responded.

She was being cordial now, respectful. It was common among students he was about to flunk, especially the ones used to an easy ride in life. She was one of the worst. read on…

“Layers of Skin” by Nathaniel Tower

Meachem Douglas was only part man. The part of him that wasn’t a man was all onion.

Luckily, he didn’t at all look like an onion. Nor did he smell like one. He might have tasted like one, but he never bothered to find out. He didn’t go around asking others to test it for him either. He was content with everyone thinking he was just a regular man…read on…

“An Afterlife” by Stephen V. Ramey

In his dream, Patrick became a blur of motion against the backdrop of cemetery tombstones. He sought her, the dead girl he had seen as a child, a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, a girl with raspberry lips. He didn’t know her name, only the sound of her voice in his ear.

There it was again, cutting through the wind created by his incessant running: “I don’t believe in afterlife.” read on…

“The Sleep Worm” by Shaylen Maxwell

He comes into my kitchen, placing himself before the table setting and picking at his nose, smearing his greenly-yellow snot on the spread – a hand-knit tablecloth my grandmother left to me in her will. “I’ll rid you of your nightmares for a hefty price,” he says, his little green finger still up his green nose.

“I thought you said you were a sandman,” I reply… read on…

“The Space-Time Continuum as Seen Through the Windows of a 2005 Lincoln Town Car” by Lawrence Buentello

My car travels through dimensions.

My car is not a car at all, but a strange machine that maneuvers through the electromagnetic fabric of time and space.

My car doesn’t move; when I sit behind the steering wheel and close the door, the universe adheres to its substance and begins to shift and alter the state of the world… read on…

“Parousia With Pepperoni and Anchovies” by Richard John Purvis

Jesus Christ finally returned to this world on a Thursday afternoon in early May. Christians the world over were both incredulous and joyful! Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and others had accepted the return of the Lord Saviour, rather grudgingly; they all proclaimed allegiance to Jesus in varying degrees and in somewhat confused manners. Even atheists thought that this might really be the Second Coming and that all of Humanity’s problems would be solved. Paradise… read on…

“Descent” by Hunter Liguore

I will be leaving shortly. I am one of the twelve Falklanders chosen for the mission, the descent over the edge of the world. Our situation has become critical. In just two short years, since the calamity, we have exhausted nearly all our resources, what little we had. We have all been asked by the acting-governor to record the expedition, and so I will take this moment, as the remaining members of Her Majesty’s Royal Band play a send off ensemble, to explain how we came to this day, 21 April 2021… read on…

“Fairy Lust and Pixie Dust” by Julie Jansen

“I’ll pay for new tires, Dad, since it was sort of my fault,” Lucy said. The fairy slashed the tires of his new Subaru. Lucy blamed herself, because she was the one who brought the fairy into the house in the first place.

A glimmer caught her dad’s eye. read on…

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