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Shake, shake, shake!


We’ve decided to shake things up with the format and style of the ‘zine. So here’s the deal:

In the realm of imagination, there is no such thing as time. Only inspiration. Ideas worth putting to paper. In keeping with this organic process, re: incoming submissions: if we like it, we publish it! It’s that simple. No deadlines. No quarterly editions. No delays. No quotas.

Also, we’re shaking up our submission guidelines as well. In addition to including a 50-100 word bio, with every submitted piece, we also want a brief (try to limit yourself to six sentences max) blurb about the story: the inspiration behind it, interesting tidbits about the character and story, or details you’ve drawn from your own experiences, etc. A peering behind your words, if you will, a chance for the reader to gaze into your mind. Something a little like this:

The Cat, Ebola, and a Shoebox Coffin was born from the decision to use a Ferrero Rocher container as a coffin for my pet hamster, Kyna. I saved it for two years, and when the time finally came to use it, she was invariably cremated and I threw the container away. Which brings me to a confession: Yes, I, at one time, was something of a hypochondriac myself, although never quite as terribly intense as Dante. And, no, I’ve never run over a cat, just so you know…

Sound good? Awesome! Keep those submissions coming…

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