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SoI issue 4, October 2011


Featuring the fabulous fiction of Colleen Chen, Danica Cummins, David Emanuel, Carine Engelbrecht, L. David Hesler, Allen Kopp, Juan Carlos Mendizabal, Jason Miller, Brandon Ney, and Stephen Ramey… (Read Issue…)

Cover art by Paulo Flatau.

SoI Issue 3, July 2011


Featuring the awesomely addictive fiction of Matthew Burnside, Jerry Guarino, Rich Ives, Bryan Jones, Margaret Karmazin, Marc Lowe, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Meg Sefton, Jason Sturner, and Theresa Williams. (Read Issue…)

Cover art by David Whitlam.

Issue 2, April 2011


Featuring the wonderfully weird fiction of Lawrence Buentello, T. Fox Dunham,  Tammy Hanna, Julie Jansen, Hunter Liguore, Shaylen Maxwell, T.J. McIntyre, Richard John Purvis, Stephen V. Ramey, and Nathaniel Tower. (Read Issue…)

Cover art by Mauricio Raffin.

Shake, shake, shake!


We’ve decided to shake things up with the format and style of the ‘zine. So here’s the deal:

In the realm of imagination, there is no such thing as time. Only inspiration. Ideas worth putting to paper. In keeping with this organic process, re: incoming submissions: if we like it, we publish it! It’s that simple. No deadlines. No quarterly editions. No delays. No quotas.

Also, we’re shaking up our submission guidelines as well. In addition to including a 50-100 word bio, with every submitted piece, we also want a brief (try to limit yourself to six sentences max) blurb about the story: the inspiration behind it, interesting tidbits about the character and story, or details you’ve drawn from your own experiences, etc. A peering behind your words, if you will, a chance for the reader to gaze into your mind. Something a little like this:

The Cat, Ebola, and a Shoebox Coffin was born from the decision to use a Ferrero Rocher container as a coffin for my pet hamster, Kyna. I saved it for two years, and when the time finally came to use it, she was invariably cremated and I threw the container away. Which brings me to a confession: Yes, I, at one time, was something of a hypochondriac myself, although never quite as terribly intense as Dante. And, no, I’ve never run over a cat, just so you know…

Sound good? Awesome! Keep those submissions coming…

Issue 1, January 2011


Featuring the fantastic fiction of RJ Astruc, Matthew S. Dent, Margaret Karmazin, K.A. Laity, Kirsty Lock, Michael A. Kechula, Sandy Parsons, Ripley Patton, Robert E Petras, Stephen V. Ramey, and Ash Scott-Lockyer. (Read Issue…)

Cover art by Jim Fuess.

Edited by Shaylen Maxwell.

First submission period has closed


The first issue of State of Imagination has been filled (by outstanding talent, I might add!) and is set for release at 6 PM, January 1st!

Please note: we read submissions all year long. The reading period for our next quarterly ends March 1st.  See our submission page for more details.

Happy Holidays!

Bring on 2011!

Coming Soon. . .


State of Imagination, a highly imaginative literary webzine, is currently accepting submissions for our January 2011 issue. Reading period ends December 1, 2010. Please see our submission page for more details. . .

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